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I’ll help you measure what’s important, find growth opportunities, and report on your wins.

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Being a modern marketing leader is hard….

You have to cover everything from brand and product marketing to growth.

You know that data is important to your strategy. At a minimum, you need to bring proof that things are working to your meetings.

You also need data to figure out where the problems and opportunities are. But in-house hires are hard to find and expensive.

Here's how I can help

You’ll get analytics and optimization expertise from Google, Dropbox, and VC-backed startups.

I’ll partner with you to measure and optimize. I’ll also arm you with the data you need to show your results.

And it will still be cheaper than that elusive in-house hire.

My Background

Don't just take my word for it

Brian is very knowledgable about growth marketing methods, driving traffic to the website, A/B testing and web analytics. It was a pleasure to work with him.
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Pekka Koskinen

CEO, Leadfeeder

Massively influential in our growth. Recommended to any organisation looking to scale their growth.
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Andy Culligan


Deep knowledge and experience in increasing conversion rates. Also executes everything like a rhino on a steroid.
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Shoe-G Ueyama

Senior Manager - Canva